A chance to purchase my collages,support a good cause either online or by visiting Staten Island

Come join us on the opening and sale of artwork ''Off the Wall'' of ART IN LOCO taking place at:

Staten Island Culture Lounge

1 Bay Street, Staten Island, New York

December 11th, 2015, from 12 to 7 pm

The collage with foil, "Kisses, Wishes, Secrets, Where do Babies come from?"  was created on the birth of my second grandson.

Kisses, Wishes, Secrets, Where do Babies come from?

These collages are available singly or as a set.  They are going for $25 each to benefit the Boyer Foundation

Global online already started in November 15 and it will continue until December 31. You have access through the website of the foundation (



or directly on the festival website (