When Darkness Falls, final juried, themed show at Front Street Gallery

Opening Friday October 12, 5-8pm, My piece, Dark Nights Memories is selected

Front Street Gallery
21 Front Street
Patterson NY 12563

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Dark Nights Memories, 13x4’ from the ceramic abstract sculpture memory series

This sonnet accompanies the piece:

When Darkness Falls



When darkness falls, it might

Not be the dark of night—

Perhaps it is the hollow

Deeply laid, out of sight,

A lamp inside that sheds no light—

No opening to follow.

Dismiss the outstretched hand,

Trim the outsized hopes

That never had a chance to land

As eyes retreat and heartbeat drones,

Alert to squeak and bang.

Darkness shows the map of stars

The twink and glimmer of a path—

The lightfooted way at last.



                                                            Elisabeth Frischauf © 2018