Mother and Daughter
Commissioned name plaque
Coral Dimples
Eye of the Storm- Hurricane Irene
Grief, "Aiii, aii"
Commissioned name plaque
Apollo, "Know thyself"
The tears and the trees keep falling
Swirl Girl
"Run, Hop, Jump, Play in the Sun,Name Plaque,
Commissioned name plaque
Family name plaque
Oh, Hummm
"I am not waiting for anything"
Shine Sun
Atelier Lis sign
Swimming over the moon
WE, mythic couple
Love, Joy and Happiness
My Mother sings in my Heart
Hands across the Sea, save us
Swimming under the moon
Detail of garbage by the side of the road
Detail of truck and car on the road
detail of pumpkin car on the road
detail of just married limo on the road
Swimming under the moon
Earth Spirit (1).jpg
River Spirit
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