Next Show with "Sea Clouds of the Caribee," in the Square Show at Ceres Gallery, NYC

This exciting show has my work and that of many other artists for view and then for silent auction with the initial pricing at $50.00.

Exhibitions  February 3 - 28, 2015
Gallery I  & II 
The First National Square Show
FEBRUARY 3 - 28, 2015

Silent Auction:
Thu, Feb. 12, 6-8pm 


Ceres First National Square Show: 
Approximately 100 works on paper 9x9" including painting, drawing, collage, photography and prints by artists from around the country.

All works from The Square Show will be available for bidding at the Silent Auction on February 12. After the auction, all unsold work will be available for sale online.

Please enjoy and join me at the auction on February 12.  Ceres is at 547 West 27th Street, Ste. 201 on Manhattan.
Sea Clouds of the Caribee